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There are memes on the Xbox avatar marketplace

I’m sorry but I have to make a note that this is the single most terrifying thing I have ever recorded on my mobile cellular device and I’d like to see any horror director create something more chilling






Just trying to get the message out there, I hope this helps someone 


I had panic attack 8th-11th grade. Not fun. It was so scary. Signal boost.

Rule 1 of first aid for helping those suffering a panic attack: Keep your fucking self calm. Don’t flail around and scream for help. YOU need to take charge. YOU need to be there for the person suffering the attack.

Some helpful hints:

- Hold their arm/hand. Squeeze gently when you breathe in. Encourage them to breathe with you if they can.
- Stay calm.
- Ask them to count to one as they breathe in and out. Then count to two. Then three.
- Stay with them. Tell them you are staying with them.
- Get rid of crowds. No really.
- Remind them it will not last longer than twenty minutes. Reassure them you have been timing it and it’s nearly over.
- Stay calm. (Did I mention this…)
- When they have settled, give them a small drink and maybe something small to eat - lollipops or candy sweets are good.
- Don’t instantly want answers about the attack or trigger. Talk about something, literally ANYTHING ELSE.
- Stay calm.

[This comes from being a certified first aider at work, having a panic and anxiety disorder myself and having a student with severe attacks - I’ve dealt with four this week alone.]

This is incredibly good advice.

(Source: socialanxietytruthsandhelp)


I don’t even mind pairing an Avatar with Second Gen characters much, I just don’t want to be associated with the people who loudly insist anyone who is creeped out by it is wrong. People can know and understand all the facts and still find something in it they object to, and it doesn’t make them ‘objectively wrong’ to find it creepy. Plus it doesn’t endear anyone to your side when you constantly insist anyone who disagrees with you is wrong or misinformed.”

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